Pedestrian pushed a Food Delivery rider down


Pedestrian pushing down a fellow GrabFood cyclist on a PCN after signaling from a far, slowly pass by them and got pushed down by a pedestrian. Still can yell at the fellow GrabFood cyclist, “YOU HOW CAN CYCLE HERE?!”. – Liew Yong Liang

The pedestrian shouted at the cyclist that he should not be cycling on the PCN. Total there were two PMD riders and one bicyclist.

This lady in the photo is the pedestrian involved and police is taking her statement.

E-scooters are allowed on PCN

These PMDs are now not allowed on all roads, footpaths and grass from  5/11/19. If an e-scooter user encounters a public footpath, they will need to dismount and push. E-scooters can only be used on shared paths, cycling paths and Park Connector Networks.

The incident occurred along Yishun Ave 11 on 6/11/19.

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