Driver and Cyclist Clash at Pedestrian Crossing

Recent times have seen a noticeable uptick in the number of cyclists on our roads.

The Ministry of Transport and the Land Transport Authority (LTA) revealed that the number of power-assisted bicycles or e-bikes registered in Singapore more than doubled over a short period, rising from about 16,000 in 2020 to 37,320 by end-June 2023.

This surge in bicycles brings with it a proportional rise in accidents involving these two-wheelers.

Sudden Surprise on the Road for the Driver 

Just last week, on October 2, a driver was navigating a small road and found himself involved in an accident with a cyclist at a pedestrian crossing. 

The video of this incident, which garnered over 40,000 views at the time of writing, shows the cam-car driver approaching a pedestrian crossing. 

The light for the driver was red but changed to green before he reached the stop line. Acting on the green light, the driver proceeded, only to be unexpectedly confronted by a cyclist seemingly coming from nowhere.

Screengrab from / Facebook

The driver’s audible shock is evident when his car comes into contact with the cyclist, who was trying to cross at the pedestrian point. 

The driver’s exclamation, “Come from where one?!” also underlines his disbelief before the footage ends. 

Screengrab from / Facebook

Pinpointing the Blame

Netizens had varied reactions to the video. Some found humour in the driver’s response, while others shared their insights into the incident. 

One user labelled the cyclist as “reckless”, noting her brazen attempt to cross even when the signal for pedestrians had turned red. 

However, a significant number of netizens sided with the cyclist. They conceded the cyclist’s recklessness but emphasised that the driver still bore the primary responsibility to avoid the accident.

Screengrab from / Facebook

According to the Road Traffic Act, in such situations, every pedestrian, cyclist, mobility vehicle user, and PMD rider should be given unhindered passage at crossings. This holds even if drivers have received a green light signal.

 Chapter 276 of Road Traffic Act / Singapore Statutes Online  

Understanding the Driver’s Perspective

Yet, from a driver’s standpoint, there are factors to consider, like the ever-present “blind spot”. 

For those unfamiliar, a blind spot when driving refers to an area around the vehicle where the driver might not see objects or other road users.

This can be because of the object’s proximity to the vehicle or the car’s design itself.

An illustration of blindspot / Car Expert 

Several netizens highlighted the possibility that the driver might have been affected by a blind spot, making it difficult for him to spot the cyclist, especially given his evident shock at the end of the video. 

The night time setting of the incident might have also made visibility challenging.

Screengrab from / Facebook

Screengrab from / Facebook

Shared Responsibility on the Road

In scenarios like this, where the driver had the right of way with a green light, and the pedestrian had the right to cross without hindrance, it underscores the shared responsibility of all road users to ensure safety. 

The incident we witnessed wasn’t necessarily a result of deliberate negligence but rather a circumstance.

If there’s a lesson to be derived, it’s the importance of defensive driving and constant vigilance, whether you’re behind the wheel or crossing the road on foot or bike.

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Accidents occur frequently, but as responsible road users, we can collectively contribute to reducing their frequency. 

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Together, we can all contribute to creating safer roads for everyone. 


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