About Us

ROADS.sg stands for 'Respect Others And Drive Safe'. Built to act as a platform for all commuters; drivers, cyclists, pedestrians and MRT users to not only upload videos, photos, and witness reports, but to also dicuss automotive issues of the day.

We at ROADS.sg want to focus on road safety - to highlight motoring and transport issues, and to increase awareness, with the main goal to counteract reckless driving. ROADS.sg would like to showcase good driving habits and highlight the undesirable ones. In the process, we hope to educate and rehabilitate some of the bad habits of drivers and road-users.

Ultimately, we hope to influence the community to adopt courteous and safe driving habits on Singapore's roads. Respect Others And Drive Safe!

While we welcome constructive feedback and civil discussion, ROADS.sg will attempt to hinder posts which could be considered offensive or irrelevant to our mission statement. We reserve the right to edit or delete any material deemed inappropriate or objectionable to our visitors, or terminate any user’s ability to access this page. We will remove posts which contain:

  • Personal details such as NRIC number, telephone number, address, etc.
  • Vulgarities or offensive language
  • Comments deemed offensive to race or religion
  • A link to external content, e.g. URLs that link to another website
  • Information selling goods or services

Are you looking to employ a strategic campaign or a long-term collaboration? Drop us an email at admin@roads.sg or use our online form.