Street racing could get your car forfeited by Traffic Police

Self incriminating video of cam car and Audi SKV3378T posting video online street racing along CTE on 4/2/2020

Switching lane recklessly & endangering fellow motorist during street racing can get both cars confiscated by the Traffic Police.  In 2017 reported case, a Lamborghini Murcielago SV and a Nissan GT-R were involved in a race in Seletar Link in 2015. The cars – around $1.6 million and $600,000 respectively when new – will soon be auctioned off, and the money will go to state coffers.

While forfeiture of vehicles used in illegal races is mandatory under the law, actual confiscation is rare because there is a strict definition of racing. ST article – Police push for forfeiture of cars.

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