S2935CD Embassy car- Hostile driver

Location: Gillman Flyover
Date/Time: 2019-07-08 / 04:37 pm
Submitted by: Driverreport

Driver of S2935CD attempted to lane change abruptly. I’ve made a police report and was told that vehicle is likely from an embassy.

From the video capture, I’ve e-brake and tried to let the driver perform a lane change. After realizing his vehicle is too near, driver of S2935CD sped up to try another lane change. Again, from the video, I’ve slowed down significantly to allow him to do the change.

For reasons unknown, the driver did not make the lane change and I had to pass him. I’ve already slowed down to 30km/hour and doesnt make sense to slow down even further.

I dont have a rear camera but after I pass the vehicle S2935CD, the driver lane changed, tailgated my vehicle, sounded his horn aggressively and kept flashing his high beam.

At that point of time, considering the situation:
1) A vehicle with a unique number plate is likely someone of special privileges.
2) Witnessing such an over-reaction from driver of S2935CD
3) Contemplating that it could be some form of emergency

I switch on my hazard light, slowed down, came to a stop and exited my vehicle to assess the situation. Weirdly enough, when seeking to clarify with the driver.
– He insisted on not communicating.
– Keep himself shut in the vehicle. (Probably his argument would be he felt threaten by me)
-I admit not many minor incidents will result in such circumstances but given the above considerations, I made the decision at that point of time to clarify the situation at hand in a safest possible manner. Instead of continuing to drive with an aggressive driver following me risking an accident.
-I noticed driver of S2935CD was shouting inside the car and reacting in an agitated manner. Which I cannot comprehend since he shut himself out.

My guess: He felt that I didnt give way to him and was provoked that I horned to warn him of danger. Video evidence shows otherwise.

After getting his hand signal for me to move. I left bewildered as to why someone that is likely having special privileges behaving in such a manner.

PS: For the driver of S2935CD, please feel free to share any video capture. There is nothing to hide unless you are embarrassed on the road rage behavior you are displaying.

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