Poster submitted video of ‘fake police car’ but his post backfired on himself


Poster submitted his video to SG Road Vigilante to highlight a Nissan Qashai tailgating him and impersonating as a police car by flashing blue lights to blind him.  Netizens were quick to point out that he was the problem as he was road hogging.



Then half way thru the video the back camera switched onto the front cam and indeed there were no cars in front of the poster’s car travelling at lane 1.



Most drivers just hate drivers who road hog on lane 1. But the issue is that many such drivers are also oblivious to their own actions and this is just frustrating for those who wants to pass. Many drivers also feel that driving at 80-90 kph on the expressway is law abiding and nothing is wrong. If there is a car behind you wanting to pass, then move to the lane 2 and allow the faster car to pass you by. The fast lane 1 is an overtaking lane.

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Many drivers are still unaware that road hogging is an offence.





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