Lady hit at basement carpark

Credit to : Eunice Khoo(Malaysia)

This incident which happened in a Malaysian condo carpark could have ended in a serious tragedy but we are grateful that no one got seriously injured. Read the full story by poster Eunice Khoo below.

May I know what will be your first reaction if you happen to hit on someone accidentally when you’re driving? By common sense, people will definitely offer help or at least show some care and concern to the pedestrian who is being hit or even a “sorry” will do a small thing.

But guess what? This driver who is also a lawyer, knocked the pedestrian down accidentally on 10th October 2019. First thing he did was not the same as what people would usually do. The first thing both the driver and passenger did when first came down from the car was to scold the pedestrian. Yet in the police report, they twisted the fact saying that they actually asked the pedestrian if she needed to go to hospital but then she refused to answer, instead shouted for her partner to come over.

**Fact: people wouldn’t get irritated with your action if you are doing things out of goodwill. We can see that both of their postures/body language: standing at least 3 steps away from the victim with both the arms crossed. Is that even act of caring? Do you think a human being would offer help with such posture? They didn’t even go near to check on the pedestrian if everything was alright. Also, the partner of the pedestrian was already beside the pedestrian even before they got down from the car [can be seen in CCTV]. Someone tell me why would she still shout for the partner if he’s already there?

Also, in the report he claimed that the pedestrian appeared out of sudden and crossed the road when we can clearly see that the pedestrian already crossing the road even before the car reached the first arrow. In fact, the driver was the one who did not stop or slow down his vehicle before making the turn. From the CCTV footage, it’s clearly can see that the driver accelerated before making the turn and did not even brake the car before turning to his right and the brake light only lighted up when he hit on the pedestrian. Moreover, he drove into pedestrian walkway when he was making the turn.

We also asked him why did he drive so fast in the car park but he then claimed that he did not speed at all. He also insisted that he shall take no responsibilities on this incident. So, if one is not driving fast, he would have stopped the vehicle in time or the pedestrian would not have flown up like the video even if she got hit. Note that the speed limit within the property is only 15km/h.

This driver did not make any police report within 24 hours. He only made the report almost 3 days after the accident.

Lastly, till today, the driver still has not texted or called to show any concern on the victim. Not even an apology till today. Furthermore, we actually live under the same roof as neighbors. So…. We have nothing else to comment on this incident. Just be careful at all time as you wouldn’t want to be the next victim. – Eunice Khoo

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