TP Officer Charged for Fatal Collision While Speeding on Duty

In a tragic turn of events, a Traffic Police officer faces charges of dangerous driving causing death. 

The incident, which took place in June 2023, has raised significant concerns about road safety and the responsibilities of law enforcement officers.

Incident Details

On June 25, 2024, Sergeant Muhammad Firdaus Yusoff, aged 32, was officially charged with dangerous driving causing death. 

The charge stems from an incident that occurred on June 21, 2023, near the junction of Hougang Avenue 3 and Kim Chuan Drive. 

According to court documents, Firdaus was patrolling on his police motorcycle when he allegedly exceeded the speed limit, travelling between 94.3km/h and 111 km/h in a 50km/h zone.

The excessive speed resulted in a collision with 66-year-old Mr. Tan Leng Hing, who was crossing the road from Firdaus’ left.

The impact caused Mr. Tan to suffer multiple injuries, ultimately leading to his death. 

Specific details of Mr. Tan’s injuries were not disclosed in the court documents.

Immediate Aftermath

Following the incident, the Singapore Police Force (SPF) initiated an internal investigation into Firdaus’ conduct. 

Pending the outcome of these investigations, Firdaus was suspended from front-line duties. 

A police spokesperson emphasised the importance of safety in law enforcement, stating, “Officers of the Singapore Police Force are expected to exercise the utmost care for the safety of the public when going about their duties.” 

The spokesperson declined to comment further, citing the ongoing judicial process.

Legal Ramifications

If convicted of dangerous driving causing death, Firdaus faces a severe penalty. 

The law stipulates that those found guilty can be sentenced to between two and eight years in prison and may also face a driving ban. 

This case highlights the serious consequences of traffic violations, especially when committed by individuals tasked with upholding the law.

Broader Context: Traffic Accidents in Singapore

The incident involving Firdaus is part of a troubling trend in Singapore. 

According to the Traffic Police’s latest annual statistics report released in February 2024, traffic accidents resulted in 136 fatalities in 2023. 

This figure represents a 25.9% increase from the 108 deaths recorded in 2022, marking the highest number of traffic-related deaths since 2016.

The report also highlighted a rise in fatal accidents linked to speeding, drink driving, and red-light violations.

These statistics underscore the need for continued vigilance and enforcement to improve road safety.

Stay Safe on The Roads! 

The charges against Sergeant Muhammad Firdaus Yusoff serve as a stark reminder of the importance of responsible driving, especially for those entrusted with public safety. 

As the case proceeds through the legal system, it prompts a broader reflection on traffic safety and the collective effort required to reduce fatalities on Singapore’s roads. 

Motorists and pedestrians alike must remain aware and adhere to traffic regulations to ensure the safety of all road users.

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Together, we can all contribute to creating safer roads for everyone. 


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