How unlucky to get into a road rage incident with a non-driver

On December 5th, at about 9.17pm, my mum, brother and myself were on our way home after our dinner. As we entered the estate, there was a white Honda Vezel, SLW3501M, illegally parked on the side of the entrance of the estate whereby a solid white line was clearly marked.

As SLW3501M was moving off, it cut into the opposite lane and nearly causing a head on collision with my vehicle. I sounded my horn and the rest is history. Please enjoy the video. =)

On a side note, how unlucky must I be to get into a road rage incident with a non-driver…

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(PS: I tried to put in all subtitles, but I really cannot hear myself over his shouting. But most of the time I was just asking why’d he want to swear.)

Credit: Ken Tng

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