Don’t Want To Sell Your Own Car? Carousell Will Do It For You



OneShift by Carousell is a reputable car shopping platform based in Singapore which allows locals to make the best decision for them when it comes to selling and buying cars. With a range of cars from sedans to exotic sports cars, Oneshift by Carousell spoils its customers for choice.

With OneShift by Carousell, you’ll have access to a suite of services when it comes to selling your car, such as:

  • Sell your car in 2 hours
  • Sell your car for the best price via 24 hour bidding
  • Scrap or export your car
  • Sell directly to car buyers

By working with hundreds of reputable dealers that are based exclusively in Singapore, OneShift by Carousell makes sure that their customers are able to transact without any hassle or difficulty.


DIY? No Thank You!

When selling your car, the amount of legwork you will end up having to do is notably greater than if you were to engage OneShift by Carousell to help you.

For one, there’s taking appealing photos of your car (which can be hard if you’re not #photoready), listing your car on various marketplaces which can be a huge hassle, and even managing potential buyers.


Settling Outstanding Loans

To make matters even more complicated, if you have an outstanding car loan, it can be a complex process when it comes to settling your outstanding loan.

According to OneShift by Carousell, not to fret! Almost 80% of cars in Singapore currently have an outstanding car loan. When you sell your car through OneShift by Carousell, their team works closely with you to ensure that you are able to complete the processes accurately. Before you can sell your car, you will need to repay your outstanding car loan, but OneShift by Carousell will be on hand to assist on all the steps from A to Z.


Simplifying The Process 

Creating the listings, researching suitable marketplaces, and being 24/7 available to respond to calls, texts, and messages adds a mountain of stress and admin work, which is inconvenient and time-consuming.

When going through with OneShift by Carousell, you don’t have to be available to buyers all the time or dealing with shockingly low offers. During the process, your number will remain hidden, only filtering out serious buyers for your car.


Why OneShift By Carousell? 

As Singapore’s largest autos marketplace, OneShift by Carousell is here to help you with all  your buying and selling needs. Throughout the process, OneShift by Carousell has three guarantees for its customers:

  1. Convenient And Hassle Free

Let’s be real, no one wants to spend their weekends trawling through car dealerships figuring out the best way to sell their car.

With OneShift by Carousell, you can avoid this completely as they are on hand to obtain the highest prices for you from an expansive network of dealers and reputable LTA-approved drivers. All without leaving the comfort of your home.

  1. Consumer Protection

OneShift by Carousell takes a hard stance against unethical dealers by running stringent checks and ensuring their quality control is up to standard. Only ever interact with LTA-approved dealers that are trusted.

  1. Non Obligatory And Transparent

Lastly, OneShift by Carousell will never impose a sale on you. If you need more time, or simply don’t feel ready to sell your car, there won’t be any issues. Sellers are free to transact only when they are ready and satisfied with the offer and wish to pursue it.

With over half a million bids received on OneShift by Carousell, it’s definitely an option worth exploring if you’re thinking about selling your car for the best price in Singapore. If you’re interested in finding out more, check out OneShift by Carousell here:

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