Singapore’s Road Revolution: ERP 2.0 Integration Begins May 1st

Buckle up, Singapore! A transportation transformation is on the horizon as the Land Transport Authority (LTA) unveils plans to kickstart the next phase of Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) evolution. 

Starting May 1st, all new vehicle registrations will come equipped with the futuristic ERP 2.0 system’s on-board unit (OBU), marking a significant leap towards smarter, more efficient road management.

The Road to ERP 2.0

How an OBU looks like in a vehicle / (Photo: Land Transport Authority)

In a bid to ensure a seamless transition, existing local motorcycle owners will also receive notifications for their OBU installation, commencing from the same date. 

This dual approach signals a comprehensive effort to modernise Singapore’s road infrastructure, one vehicle at a time.

The journey towards ERP 2.0 began in November 2023, with company vehicles leading the charge in OBU integration. 

To date, over 13,000 vehicles, encompassing a substantial portion of company fleets including buses and motorcycles, have embraced the next-gen technology. 

Impressively, more than 70% of vehicles equipped with the three-piece OBU have opted for the touchscreen display, underscoring drivers’ enthusiasm for enhanced functionality.

New Vehicle Integration

How an OBU looks like on a Bike /  (Photo: Derryn Wong, BT)

So, what can motorists expect from this game-changing upgrade?

For starters, every new vehicle registered from May 1st will arrive with its OBU pre-installed, courtesy of authorised motor distributors and dealers. 

Buyers will have the flexibility to customise installation options, from choosing the ideal placement of the processing unit to deciding on the inclusion of the touchscreen display. Even drivers opting out of the display can stay connected through compatible mobile apps, ensuring seamless integration into their daily commute.

Enhancements and Refinements

Feedbacks were received since November 2023

Responding to valuable feedback from early adopters, LTA has introduced several refinements to enhance user experience.

Motorists now have the freedom to select their preferred location for the processing unit within their vehicle, catering to individual preferences and convenience. 

Additionally, a new feature allowing the temporary deactivation of the CEPAS card via the touchscreen display brings added convenience for drivers utilising complimentary parking tickets, streamlining the parking process without compromising on ERP functionalities.

Motorcycle Owners’ Transition

As for existing motorcycle owners, the transition to ERP 2.0 promises simplicity and affordability.

Upon notification from May 1st, owners can book an appointment with their preferred workshop for OBU installation. 

With installation fees waived within the initial two-month period, riders are encouraged to seize the opportunity for a seamless upgrade to the future of road technology.

Early Installation Opportunities

ERP Gantry in Singapore (Photo: TODAY)

For motorists eager to stay ahead of the curve, LTA welcomes early installations. 

Whether through the Call Assist Service or direct coordination with authorised workshops, drivers can take proactive steps towards embracing ERP 2.0, ushering in a new era of road connectivity and efficiency.

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