Cyclist hospitalised when wheel gets caught in drain cover accident


Drain gratings can be dangerous for all cyclists using our roads. LTA should review and change all our current drain covers that are NOT perpendicular to the cement curb. Those gratings with metal bars that are parallel to the cement curb are dangerous to all cyclist and will cause a fall by ‘catching’ the slim wheels of bicycles that have this wheels. A Myanmar man was hospitalised when the wheel of his bicycle was caught on a roadside drain cover. The incident occured along Changi Coast Walk on 16/01/2021. This may be another reason why cyclists are also forced to ride further out from the kerb. Below is an example of the correct drain cover type which may work better:


Cyclists have unfortunately had to deal with this issue for a long time. You can check out where they have an article on such incidents at

You can also check out a previous video from in 2019 where the cyclist fell over due to the drain grating here:

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