5 Reasons To Upload Your Video on ROADS.sg

1. You could prevent an accident from happening

At best, accidents can ruin your day; at worst, it could ruin your life. No one wants an accident to occur but it’s a fact that not everyone thinks the same way. As a community, we need to band together to highlight acts of recklessness, possible danger and threats, and inconsiderate driving behaviour that could lead to accidents and loss of life. No, you are not being a busybody by sending a video to us, you are helping create awareness that could save a life or spare someone from having a terrible day. Do it for yourself and everyone else who shares our roads.

2. It helps when making a Police report

Ever tried making a Police report on https://eservices.police.gov.sg and been stumped trying to send crucial video evidence to the Investigating Officer? Now you can do it easily by simply uploading the video to ROAD.sg, copying the link and adding it to your Police report. Here’s two ways to do it in just a few simple steps:

Public videos

I. Click on https://www.roads.sg/post-uploads/
II. Under ‘Post Permission’, select ‘I give permission for this video to be made public’
III. Upload your video
IV. Go to Latest or Community Videos and click on your video
V. Copy the link in your browser and place it in your Police report

Private videos

I. Click on https://www.roads.sg/post-uploads/
II. Under ‘Post Permission’, select ‘Please DO NOT make this video public’
III. Upload your video
IV. You will receive an auto-generated email containing the video url
V. Copy the link in that email and place it in your Police report

3. You might earn cash.

ROADS.sg pays out a cash incentive directly to our best performing user-generated content. Our videos are Singapore’s most viewed transport and motoring-related media, which means you have the best chance at getting your video traction on our page – if it hits our viewer-count and shares brackets, it’s cash right into your pocket!

4. You contribute to Singapore’s largest and most viral platform for road-related incidents.

The ROADS.sg mission statement is all about road safety and awareness – it’s our commitment to all the people of Singapore that we push for stronger and smarter policy, good driving habits, and community involvement via our audience of concerned individuals – so your views are important to us.

5. The ROADS.sg team might decide to highlight your video.

Sometimes you want to appeal for witnesses of your accident. Other times, you may want to thank some good samaritans. Whatever the reason, when your video is up on ROADS.sg, you get access to our growing reach of over 250K followers of ROADS.sg.

Need help submitting your video? We got you! Here’s a step-by-step guide to submitting your videos to our page.

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Be part of our team of contributors! You can submit your videos via the following ways:
1. Whatsapp to 96667153
2. Telegram
3. Facebook groups
4. Online Forms

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