Woman Saved by Tree from Potentially Serious Accident at Moulmein Road; Netizen Claim She’s Lucky

A woman narrowly escaped a dramatic accident on Moulmein Road in Singapore when a speeding taxi crashed into a car, sending it hurtling towards her. Captured on video, the incident, which took place on a Sunday at 2pm, resulted in three individuals being hospitalised. 

A Close Call While Jaywalking 

We are all familiar with jaywalking across streets in Singapore. It almost feels like a skill: gauging the speed of oncoming cars and timing our crossings just right. 

However, what seemed like a typical day for a woman on Moulmein Road quickly turned into something you would expect from a film.

Screengrab from ROADS.sg / Facebook

Taxi Speeds Out from a Side Road

A brief video clip sent to us from a dashcam captured a moment from a car’s rear camera on Moulmein Road on 17 September. 

As we further investigated, it was likely that the Taxi was exiting out from Mandalay Road to Moulmein Road when the accident occurred

Source: Google Maps 

In the footage, an elderly lady can be seen crossing the road using a grass patch, which serves as a divider between opposite lanes.

But then, the unexpected happens. A red taxi emerges from the Mandalay Road at a 90 degree angle before cutting across 2 lanes and ultimately hitting a car on the rightmost lane.

The taxi then crashed directly into a car, sending it hurtling several feet into the aforementioned grass divider. 

Screengrab from ROADS.sg / Facebook

Whilst we cannot  determine the exact speed of the taxi, it was clearly too fast for such a narrow road. 

Narrow Escape for the Woman

Recall the woman on the grass patch? She narrowly missed the crash by mere inches. 

Although she managed to avoid a direct hit, the force of the crash knocked her to the ground. 

A report from ‘Today’ stated that three individuals were hospitalised following the incident. However, this lady was not among them. We sincerely hope for a swift recovery for all affected by this accident.

Several netizens remarked that the woman was “saved by the tree”, suggesting her good karma and past good deeds played a role. 

Comments ranged from “thanks to the tree the aunty’s life was spared” to simply “Lucky aunty”.

Screengrab from ROADS.sg / Facebook


Screengrab from ROADS.sg / Facebook

SCDF Confirmed on the Incident Timing

An article by ‘TODAY‘ confirmed with the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) that the accident occurred on Sunday, the 17th of September at around 2pm. 

The injured included a 61-year-old driver and his 45-year-old passenger, and the 68-year-old taxi driver – all of whom were conscious when taken to hospital. 

‘TODAY’ further mentioned that the 68-year-old taxi driver is currently assisting with the investigation. 

Prioritising Road Safety

As of now, our video has amassed over 95k views and received 400 comments, many speculating about the incident. 

One netizen pondered, “Downslope acceleration?” while another speculated the “driver might have mistakenly pressed the accelerator instead of the brake…”

The exact circumstances behind the 68-year-old driver’s actions remain unclear as investigations continue. 

However, this incident serves as a powerful reminder about the importance of road safety. Whether as pedestrians, drivers or riders, we all have a duty to ensure our own safety and that of others.

Screengrab from ROADS.sg / Facebook


Screengrab from ROADS.sg / Facebook

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