Did the lorry beat the red light at T-Junction?

Location: T-Junction outside Kranji Camp 3 entrance turning towards CCK way
Date/Time: 2019-09-12 / 06:28 pm
Submitted by: Jason Xiao

It was a near-missed incident of lorry almost collide into my car when the lorry’s driver beat the red-light at the T-Junction with fast moving speed.

While I’m about to make a right turn at the t-junction when the traffic light turn green in favorable for me, i noticed that a lorry approaching from my left is speeding towards the junction with no sign of slowing down when he was supposed to stop. Somehow my intuition and judgement prompted me that the lorry will unable to stop in time at the traffic junction. Therefore, I decided to slow down my speed when performing a right turn while observing the approaching lorry from my left, and indeed he beat the red-light with high speed and shave past my car.

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