This HDB “Carpark” Charges $6/hr?!

Is this the Most Expensive HDB Carpark?

A carpark located at Everton Park, just opposite Singapore General Hospital, has been termed the “most expensive carpark” after netizens were outraged at the $6 per hour rate.

This is five times what a typical HDB carpark would charge, which is $1.20 per hour.

This car park is Located at Everton Park

$2 for First 30 Minutes; $4 for Subsequent 30 Minutes

Upon closer inspection of the carpark at Everton Park, it seems that the $6 rate is derived from the charges of $2 for the first 30 minutes and $4 for the subsequent 30 minutes.

And this is indeed an HDB carpark, managed by Wilson Parking.

Charges sign seen outside the Everton car park 

For Loading/Unloading Only

At first glance, it does not seem unusual, especially since it looks like a typical HDB carpark where people often come during lunch hours to visit the nearby coffee shop.

However, if we look closely at the carpark sign located at the gantry, this isn’t really a carpark after all, but one meant for loading and unloading only.

Hence, this explains the high parking charges—to discourage motorists from parking their cars for too long and to achieve higher vehicle turnover.

Loading / Unloading Bays with differential pricings (HDB Website


Be Wary of Where You Park!

So the next time you enter an HDB carpark, be sure to check if it is purely meant for loading/unloading! 

This could save you from exorbitant parking charges.

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