Sharing is Caring Car Cleaning Machines

It is time to get your car and bike all cleaned up for the New Year. Use the “Car Care Systems” washinsystems conveniently located in your HDB estates. These HDB car washing bays comes with coin-operated water jets and vacuums cleaners.

A high-pressure water jet? Hell yes — washing off stubborn soot and grime from tires, rims and undercarriages will be a cinch. Twist the nozzle and it’ll reduce the pressure for use to wash everything else. A vacuum? Awesome. Should come in handy to suck up dirt from the carpets and seats.

Water Jet Spray $1 for 3 minutes and Vacuuming $1 for 5 minutes. Water is dispensed at $0.20 for every 30 seconds. Good and convenient right?

View below for the full list of locations:

Ang Mo Kio – Cheng San – Jalan Kayu Division Fernvale Division Teck Ghee Division Yio Chu Kang Division
Hougang Division Seletar Division
Blk 548A Hougang St 51 Blk 596 Ang Mo Kio St 52 Blk 504A Serangoon North Ave 4 Blk 404 Fernvale Lane Blk 443 Fernvale Road Blk 347A Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 Blk 613A Ang Mo Kio Ave 4
Blk 559A Hougang St 51 Blk 588 Ang Mo Kio St 52 Blk 512A Serangoon North Ave 4 Blk 406 Fernvale Road Blk 446 Jalan Kayu Blk 700 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6
Blk 566A Hougang St 51 Blk 590 Ang Mo Kio St 51 Blk 542A Serangoon North Ave 4 Blk 408 Fernvale Road Blk 448 Sengkang West Way Blk 712A Ang Mo Kio Ave 6
Blk 567A Hougang St 51 Blk 546A Serangoon North Ave 3 Blk 410 Fernvale Road Blk 450 Sengkang West Way
Blk 574A Hougang St 51 Blk 550A Serangoon North Ave 3 Blk 413 Fernvale Link Blk 451 Sengkang West Way
Blk 576A Hougang Ave 4 Blk 909A Hougang St 91 Blk 414 Fernvale Link Blk 455 Sengkang West Road
Blk 699D Hougang St 52 Blk 955A Hougang Ave 9 Blk 416 Fernvale Link Blk 457 Sengkang West Road
Blk 919A Hougang St 91 Blk 966A Hougang St 92 Blk 417 Fernvale Link Blk 453 Fernvale Road
Blk 925A Hougang Ave 9 Blk 971A Hougang St 52 Blk 430 Fernvale link Blk 468 Fernvale Link
Blk 931A Hougang St 91 Blk 980 Buangkok Crescent Blk 432 Fernvale Road Blk 468-1 Fernvale Link
Blk 941A Hougang St 92 Blk 984 Buangkok Crescent Blk 434 Fernvale Road Blk 470 Fernvale Link
Blk 946A Hougang St 92 Blk 988 Buangkok Green Blk 435A Hougang Ave 8 Blk 472 Fernvale street
Blk 933 Hougang Ave 9 Blk 993 Buangkok Link Blk 437 Fernvale Road Blk 472-1 Fernvale street
Blk 996 Buangkok Crescent Blk 439 Fernvale Road
Blk 997 Buangkok Crescent Blk 440 Fernvale Link
Blk 998 Buangkok Crescent Blk 441 Fernvale Road
       NEE SOON TOWN COUNCIL            
Blk 115A Yishun Ring Road Blk 506 Yishun Ave 4
Blk 296A Yishun Street 20 Blk 512 Yishun Street 51
Blk 307 Yishun Road Blk 513 Yishun Street 51
Blk 315 Yishun Ave 9 Blk 813 Yishun Ring Road
Blk 317 Yishun Ave 9 Blk 840A Yishun Street 81
Blk 342A Yishun Ring Road Blk 848A Yishun Street 81
Blk 347 Yishun Ave 11 Blk 104C Ang Mo Kio Ave 4
Blk 673 Yishun Ave 4 Blk 130A Ang Mo Kio Ave 3
Blk 674 Yishun Ave 4 Blk 132A Ang Mo Kio Ave 3
Blk 676 Yishun Ring Road Blk 255A Ang Mo Kio Ave 4
Blk 501 Yishun Street 51 Blk 256A Ang Mo Kio Ave 3
Blk 504 Yishun Street 51 Blk 260 Ang Mo Kio Street 21
       SENGKANG TOWN COUNCIL            
Blk 301 Anchorvale Link Blk 321 Anchorvale Drive
Blk 303 Anchorvale Link Blk 326 Anchorvale Road
Blk 304 Anchorvale Link Blk 329 Anchorvale Street
BIk 305 Anchorvale Link Blk 332 Anchorvale Link
BIk 306 Anchorvale Link Blk 334 Anchorvale Crescent
BIk 308 Anchorvale Road Blk 334A Anchorvale Crescent
Blk 310 Anchorvale Road Blk 338 Anchorvale Crescent
Blk 312 Anchorvale Lane Blk 351 Anchorvale Crescent
Blk 313A Anchorvale Road Blk 353 Anchorvale Lane
Blk 318 Anchorvale Link Blk 323 Sengkang East Way
Blk 319 Anchorvale Drive Blk 325 Sengkang East Way


Blk 194 Bukit Batok West Ave 6
Blk 296 Bukit Batok St 22
Blk 292 Bukit Batok East Ave 6
Blk 293 Bukit Batok St 21

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