Sharing is caring – car cleaning machine and only $1.00 per use

Car care system that can dispense water, water power jet for wheel cleaning and vacuuming of interior of car.

Water Jet Spray $1 for 3 minutes and Vacuuming $1 for 5 minutes. Water is dispensed at $0.20 for every 30 seconds. Good and convenient right?

This is exactly how Michelle felt when she found out about this machine at HDB car parks.

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Here are the locations where this machine can be found:

Blk 699D Hougang St 52
Blk 404 Fernvale Lane
Blk 406 Fernvale Road
Blk 504A Serangoon North Ave 4
Blk 512A Serangoon North Ave 4
Blk 542A Serangoon North Ave 4
Blk 546A Serangoon North Ave 3
Blk 980 Buangkok Crescent
Blk 984 Buangkok Crescent
Blk 988 Buangkok Green
Blk 996 Buangkok Crescent
Blk 997 Buangkok Crescent
Blk 998 Buangkok Crescent
Blk 596 Ang Mo Kio St 52
Blk 588 Ang Mo Kio 5t 52
BIk 305 Anchorvale Link
BIk 306 Anchorvale Link
Blk 310 Anchorvale Road
Blk 312 Anchorvale Lane
Blk 318 Anchorvale Link
Blk 319 Anchorvale Drive
Blk 326 Anchorvale Road
Blk 334 Anchorvale Crescent
Blk 338 Anchorvale Crescent
Blk 351 Anchorvale Crescent
Blk 408 Fernvale Road
Blk 439 Fernvale Road
Blk 410 Fernvale Road
Blk 434 Fernvale Road
Blk 414 Fernvale Link
Blk 468 Fernvale Link
Blk 470 Fernvale Link
Blk 472 Fernvale street
Blk 417 Fernvale Link
Blk 941A Hougang St 92
Blk 946A Hougang St 92
Blk 613A Ang Mo Kio Ave 4
Blk 700 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6
Blk 712A Ang Mo Kio Ave 6

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