SCDF engages in daring height rescue op at construction site

Credit: SCDF

[Height rescue operation @ Construction site along How Sun Drive]
Yesterday at about 4.25pm, SCDF firefighters and specialists from the elite Disaster Assistance and Rescue Team (DART) were deployed for a height rescue operation at a construction site along How Sun Drive. A man who was working on a tower crane 40 meters in the air had injured his leg and was unable to head down to safety.
A team of four DART specialists climbed a cat ladder up the crane and traversed across its narrow arm to reach the injured man. They secured themselves in place and set up a lowering system involving ropes and pulleys. One of the specialists who was cross-trained as an Emergency Medical Technician treated and bandaged the man’s wound, all while being suspended 40 meters in the air.
On the ground, another team of DART specialists attached a stretcher to a rope that had been deployed by the team on the crane. Working in tandem, both teams of DART specialists hoisted the stretcher to where the injured man was. The team on the crane then worked carefully to secure the man firmly on the stretcher.
With all the pieces in place about an hour into the operation, it was time to bring the man down to safety. A DART specialist on the crane attached himself to the stretcher and was slowly lowered to the ground with assistance from the other DART specialists and the firefighters.
Back on the ground, an SCDF paramedic assessed the injured man before conveying him to Sengkang General Hospital.


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