Rider Rode Straight Into Stationary Car on the Expressway: Netizens Say Rider “Daydreaming”

In our latest viral video, a rider was riding along SLE towards the BKE exit when he rear ended into a car in front. Some netizens accused him of being on his phone while some pointed out that the car may have made a sudden lane change causing the accident.


Rider rear ended car along SLE 

A video posted on the ROADS.sg Facebook page on 1st September displayed a rider rear-ending a car on the SLE towards the BKE exit.

Screengrab from ROADS.sg / Facebook

However, many were surprised by how much reaction time and distance the rider seemingly had to prevent the accident from happening.

Cars seen slowing down before coming to a halt 

In the brief clip submitted to ROADS.sg, traffic along the SLE towards the BKE exit seemed heavy at the time of the incident, with vehicles decelerating before eventually stopping.

It was at this point that a motorcycle, originating from the far-left lane, crashed into a grey car ahead.

“Couldn’t jump over the car in time” 

Within a few brief seconds, reminiscent of a cinematic scene, the rider was propelled forward. The rider’s bag could also be seen flipped open from the great impact.

However, fortunately for the rider, the impact seemed less severe than expected, with the main damage being to the motorcycle and car.

Netizens seemed amused by the scene and one comment which read, “couldn’t jump over the car in time,” garnered responses from other users.

In addition, another netizen humorously suggested that the “motorcycle has no brakes attached to it.”

Rider accused of being on the phone 

Despite the damage and injuries sustained by the rider, numerous netizens have pointed out the possibility that he might have been on the phone, leading to a loss of focus.

Screengrab from ROADS.sg / Facebook

This could explain why he failed to notice the car slowing down in front of him.

Screengrab from ROADS.sg / Facebook

One netizen commented, “Rider on the phone,” while another remarked, “A very common sight,” alluding to the frequent occurrence of riders using their phones while riding.

Screengrab from ROADS.sg / Facebook

Possible that car made an abrupt lane change 

On the flipside, there were also some observant netizens that pointed out the possibility of the car driver that

Screengrab from ROADS.sg / Facebook

Upon reviewing the footage once more, there is indeed a blind spot in the video, making it uncertain whether the car switched lanes into the exit due to the heavy traffic.

Such a sudden lane change could have prevented the rider from stopping in time, leading to the accident.

A reminder to practise defensive and stay alert on the road 

Whilst we cannot definitively determine whether the rider or the driver was at fault, this incident serves as a stark reminder for us all to remain vigilant and practise defensive driving on the roads.

Accidents can still transpire even in situations where traffic is slow and speed is not a factor.

Whether driving or riding, it’s paramount to always be cognisant of the road conditions and resist the temptation to use mobile devices.

For those unaware, under the revised Road Traffic Act, using or holding communication devices while driving could lead to a fine of up to S$1,000, an imprisonment term of up to 6 months, or both.

Screengrab of the Road Traffic Act, Singapore Statutes Online

Have a story to share ? 

Accidents occur frequently, but as responsible road users, we can collectively contribute to reducing their frequency. 

If you or someone you know has a video or story to share, please do not hesitate to email us at writer@roads.sg 

Together, we can all contribute to creating safer roads for everyone. 


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