Real Life “Fast and Furious”: Driver Became Furious After Being Overtaken

Driver gets overtaken, reacts badly. Netizens call the driver ‘childish’

Car on the right lane gets overtaken, the driver’s reaction is horrifying

While driving on the roads, we have all undoubtedly experienced moments when another car merges into our lane.

This is entirely acceptable, provided it is done safely and courteously. However, one driver did not see it this way when another vehicle cut into his lane whilst travelling on a flyover.

In the brief video clip posted on the Facebook page, a black vehicle can be seen travelling in the rightmost lane of a flyover before another vehicle merges from the left lane.

From the somewhat blurry footage, it’s indeterminable whether the right indicator was used by the vehicle attempting the lane change.

However, as the clip progresses, it becomes evident that the driver of the vehicle that was overtaken appears very frustrated by the event.

Screengrab from / Facebook

Fast and Furious – Car decided to overtake and attempts to cut into the right lane dangerously 

You might then be wondering, where is the ‘fast and furious’ element in this clip?
After being overtaken, and with evident frustration mounting within the driver, the overtaken vehicle decided to overtake the car that overtook it.

The vehicle was next observed shifting to the vacant left lane to overtake the lead car. 

It then attempted to furiously, and hazardously, merge back into the right lane, swerving between lanes and nearly causing an accident.

Screengrab from / Facebook


Netizens call it “Childish behaviour”

In the Facebook post that attracted significant engagement, netizens were seen criticising the driver’s behaviour, labelling it as “childish”.

Screengrab from / Facebook

“What’s wrong with giving way” another comment read, pointing out that there is nothing much for the driver  to lose by graciously giving way. 

Screengrab from / Facebook

Road users should overtake safely and respectfully

As road users, we recognise the frustration one might feel, especially during rush hour.

Screengrab from / Facebook

However, as one comment we came across aptly states, when overtaking, road users should “signal with respect” and maintain “safe distancing”.

In addition, it is also essential to adhere to the traffic regulations set out in our driving theory guide issued by the Traffic Police.

From the chapter of “overtaking and being overtaken by” in the final theory booklet, it stated that  

  1. Vehicle should pay attention to vehicle in front and signal the intention early 
  2. Maintain a safe following distance with the vehicle in front 
  3. Look out for oncoming traffic and ascertain whether you have enough space to get back into  your own lane after overtaking 
  4. Check your rear view wing mirrors to see if there is anyone trying to overtake you 

These 4 steps should be executed before overtaking and after assessing that there are no road markings which forbid overtakings. 

Page 53 of Final Theory Test Booklet / Traffic Police 

Despite the frustrations we might encounter on the road, we hope that with a touch of patience and graciousness, we can begin to show respect to our fellow road users.

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Together, we can all contribute to creating safer roads for everyone. 


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