Porsche’s Visionary Electric Racing Arrives in Singapore with Its GT4 E-Performance.

In sync with Singapore’s bustling motorsport season with the Formula 1 Grand Prix, enthusiasts can not only witness this marvel but also experience its prowess through an electrifying sim-racing challenge at the Porsche NOW pop-up .

The Dawn of Electric Motorsport

The vivacious island of Singapore witnessed the arrival of Porsche’s future of sustainable motorsport as the all-electric GT4 e-Performance graced the Lion City for the first time.

On display at the exclusive Porsche NOW pop-up located at Guoco Tower in Tanjong Pagar. The cutting-edge 800kW prototype marks a significant step in Porsche’s journey towards a green racing future. 

Image from Porsche Asia Pacific

Showcasing the Future

Amidst the adrenaline-charged atmosphere of Singapore’s motorsport season, the GT4 e-Performance makes its debut, a monumental testament to Porsche’s commitment to sustainability.

Capable of delivering a staggering 800kW (1,088 PS), this prototype is poised to showcase the thrilling potential of an electric future, without compromising on the passion and enthusiasm that true motorsport fans crave.

Björn Förster, the GT4 e-Performance Project Manager, expressed, “This GT4 e-Performance illustrates that our dream of an all-electric race car isn’t just a concept but a thrilling reality. The myriad possibilities it offers, from a uniform electric racing car series to augmenting our current motorsport programme, are genuinely electrifying.”

Image from Porsche Asia Pacific 

Porsche GT4 e-Performance: An Electric Legacy

First turning heads at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in 2022, the GT4 e-Performance has been on a worldwide pilgrimage, showcasing the promise of its avant-garde concept to the international motorsport community.

Built on the foundation of the established 718 GT4 Clubsport model, the GT4 e-Performance borrows technology elements from the Mission R, offering the exhilarating 1,088PS in qualification mode. 

In simulated racing conditions, a consistent 612 PS powers drivers through a 30-minute Carrera Cup race, establishing its competitive pedigree alongside the current 911 GT3 Cup.

Porsche’s dedication to innovation and sustainability shines with around 6,000 newly designed parts for the GT4 e-Performance. 

Its striking form, crafted by Grant Larsson’s team from Porsche Style, extensively employs natural fibre composite materials, promoting eco-friendliness without compromising on performance.

Image from Porsche Asia Pacific 

An added bonus? The racing car now boasts 18-inch Michelin racing tyres made predominantly of sustainable materials.

A Green Partnership with Michelin

The journey of building a sustainable Porsche does not stop in the engine. Michelin joins Porsche’s sustainable journey, supplying racing tyres that boast a commendable 53% sustainable materials composition, including recovered natural rubber and soot. 

Further augmenting its green credentials, these tires incorporate materials derived from lemon peel, orange peel, pine resin, sunflower oil, and even metallic waste. 

This collaboration aims to drastically diminish the environmental footprint across the tyre’s life cycle.

Image from Porsche Asia Pacific 

A Sustainable World Tour

The GT4 e-Performance global tour thrives on the collective efforts of seven partners, all resonating with Porsche Motorsport’s sustainability vision.

From DB Schenker’s eco-friendly transport services to ExxonMobil’s ventures in sustainable coolants and lubricants, every collaboration pushes the boundaries of green racing.

Noteworthy partnerships include TAG Heuer’s precise timekeeping, Michelin’s green racing tyres, and the sustainable racing gear provided by fashion titans Hugo Boss and Puma.

A Date with e-Performance

From 12th to 17th September 2023, the Porsche NOW pop-up at Guoco Tower invites fans to witness the GT4 e-Performance in all its glory.

In collaboration with E-Sports team Legion of Racers, attendees can plunge into the virtual racing world, testing their mettle on the legendary Nürburgring GP circuit. 

With enticing prizes awaiting the best daily lap time, Porsche seamlessly merges the physical and digital racing realms, accentuating the symbiotic relationship between simulation and actual racing.

Image from Porsche Asia Pacific 

This debut in Singapore is more than just an unveiling of a race car. It’s a testament to Porsche’s unyielding commitment to a sustainable, thrilling future in motorsport. 

The GT4 e-Performance doesn’t just race on tracks; it races towards a greener tomorrow.

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