Police Can Now Use On-Board GPS To Track Speeding; Implementation By Late 2024

Authorities have employed cutting-edge technology to apprehend a speedster, marking the nation’s first utilisation of vehicle data for law enforcement purposes. 

This development, unveiled at the Police Workplan Seminar 2024, showcases the evolution of policing methodologies in the digital age.

Technology Was Tested in Late 2022

The Singapore Police Force accessed the infotainment system of a vehicle to extract crucial data, ultimately leading to the conviction of a speeding offender in late 2022.

This was after the police’s Cybercrime Command received a request from the Traffic Police to extract data from a vehicle’s infotainment system, to investigate a possible speeding offence.

Data Extraction and Prosecution

Upon receiving a request from the Traffic Police to investigate potential speeding offences, the Cybercrime Command utilised specialised tools to extract pertinent datasets from the vehicle’s infotainment system.

These datasets, encompassing call logs, messages, and other relevant information, provided irrefutable evidence of the offender’s identity, leading to her conviction in January 2023.

Technology To Be Fully Implemented By 2024

The police’s unveiling of their vehicle forensics capability signifies a paradigm shift in traffic enforcement strategies.

With plans to fully implement this capability in 2024, authorities are poised to leverage onboard diagnostics (OBD) ports to extract telemetry data, including location, braking, and acceleration patterns.

This data can then be utilised to reconstruct video renderings of traffic incidents, facilitating more comprehensive investigations.

Privacy Safeguards and Future Developments

To address concerns regarding privacy infringement, the Singapore Police Force emphasises that only authorised personnel can access and extract vehicle data, strictly for the purpose of criminal investigations.

Furthermore, ongoing collaboration with the Home Team Science and Technology Agency ensures that policing capabilities remain aligned with technological advancements, including the incorporation of electric vehicles into forensic methodologies.

Implications for Road Safety

The integration of vehicle data into law enforcement practices heralds a new era of road safety initiatives in Singapore.

By harnessing technology to deter and prosecute traffic offenders, authorities are reinforcing the importance of responsible driving behaviour.

Additionally, the prospect of utilising vehicle data to reconstruct traffic incidents underscores the potential for enhanced accident investigations and improved road infrastructure planning.

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