One rider loses control, another loses focus.

We are all aware of how dangerous lane changing can be, particularly at the entrance and exit of the expressway, where there is a higher volume of vehicles maneuvering to either enter or exit.

However, have you ever wondered what might occur when one motorcycle attempts to accelerate while another slows down while changing lanes?

Two riders decides to change lane concurrently  

In a 19-second video submitted by a netizen, we observed two riders filtering into the outer lane as they approached the entrance of an expressway.

The location was later confirmed to be along PIE towards Tuas, just after Jurong Town Hall Exit.

The video also clearly showed other vehicles slowing down, indicated by their brake lights visible from the cam car.

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How did the bikes collide ? 

In the initial part of the video, we can observe the rider at the back falling off their motorcycle before the front bike collides with the lorry.

Now, the question arises: How did the first rider fall?

Upon careful examination of the recording, it appears that the front wheel of the motorcycle, approaching from behind, made contact with the rear wheel of the bike in front. 

This contact caused the rider coming from behind to lose control and fall.

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Front bike loses focus instead crashed into lorry 

Just when we thought the accident had ended, the bike that was in front  seemed surprised before turning his head to check on the fallen bike behind.

However, while the rider looked back, the bike kept moving forward, oblivious to the impending danger.

As a result, the front bike collided with a slowing down lorry.

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Accident might have been avoided 

In the comments section of the video, which had garnered over 87,000 views at the time of writing, one observant netizen pointed out how the accident could have been avoided.

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Indeed, the truck seemed to have cut into the leftmost lane by crossing through the chevrons, potentially causing the white lorry behind the riders to slow down abruptly.

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Another comment further supported this observation, stating, “Pls catch the 1st lorry (cutting chevron) and put him to justice…”

Riders should have rode with more caution 

Despite some netizens agreeing with the sentiment that the lorry cutting through the chevron might have been at fault, causing the sudden traffic slowdown and subsequent fall, many voiced their opinion that the riders were also riding in an unsafe manner.

One comment read, “Reckless riding has dire consequences.”

Another person commented, “They should have kept a safer distance from all the lorries…”

Indeed, the riders may have acted a little too recklessly when they decided to change lanes at a higher speed than the flow of traffic.

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Multiple motorcycle accidents over the last few days 

On Sunday, July 16th, The Straits Times reported a tragic accident involving a van and a lorry that resulted in the death of a motorcyclist.

In another video posted on the page, which has garnered over 73,000 views and 300 shares, multiple motorcyclists can be seen crashing into each other due to the lack of safe braking distance. The incident occurred when a lorry lost control and veered into the first and second lane.

Another video that surfaced online captured the moment when a rider was hidden in a blind spot behind a large truck. Unfortunately, as the traffic light turned green, the truck unknowingly knocked down the motorcyclist.

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