Mercedes GLC driver of EG7K beats red light and hits Estima

11 Jan 2020, 3.01pm.

Rich woman drives Merc GLC EG7K beats red light and t-boned SFW3383H (old uncle driver) at Scotts Rd and Orchard Rd cross junction. She came down, instead of looking concerned and frightened, this lady was seen seemingly grinning away as if it was a small issue. Could have killed someone at the traffic light crossing.

The light was red in the opposite direction for at least 4 seconds! The 1.8 ton Estima Aeras was hit so hard that it got pushed into the next lane and the front wheel was dislodged.

I hope no one has forgotten the tragic accident of Ma Chi and his Ferrari at Bugis. Such irresponsible rich folks should just get a chauffeur. #dangerousdriver #beatsredlight

Credit: JustCharlotte

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