Lorry crushes E-bike into pieces; rider stood up looking unhurt.

In a remarkable turn of events, an E-bike rider, despite being hit at a relatively fast speed by a lorry at a traffic light junction, was relatively unhurt and could stand up on her own volition. 

On August 10, around 2.45 pm, two riders on an electric bike, also known as a Powered Assisted Bicycle (PAB), were involved in an accident outside of NEX shopping mall on Upper Serangoon Road.

These riders were observed crossing the road at a junction where lanes were divided: the two rightmost lanes designated for vehicles turning right and the leftmost lane for vehicles proceeding straight.

Screengrab of Upper Serangoon Road outside NEX shopping mall / Google Maps 

One rider stopped at second lane to check for oncoming traffic 

In the brief clip provided to us, one rider was seen slightly ahead of the other, coming to a halt in the second lane.

Based on the traffic flow that we see in the video, we suspected that they may have violated traffic rules by crossing the road when it wasn’t in their favour, vehicles in the two right lanes had stopped, awaiting the green arrow to turn.

This pause gave the two riders an opportunity to attempt a crossing to the opposite side.

However, complications arose when one of the riders quickly navigated through the final lane reserved for vehicles moving straight ahead. It took mere seconds before the dashing rider was catapulted several metres forward by a lorry speeding in.

Screengrab from ROADS.sg / Facebook

E-bike split into pieces; rider seemed fine 

What surprised many was the rider’s ability to pick herself up, especially given the substantial impact evident in the video.

The severity of the collision was further underscored by the extensive damage to the E-bike.

Screengrab from ROADS.sg / Facebook

“Hope this serves as a lesson for all riders” 

In response to the video posted on the ROADS.sg Facebook Page, netizens expressed their hope that it would serve as a vital lesson for all riders. 

Particularly in today’s context, with food delivery in high demand, many riders on PABs, like the one depicted in the video, often hurry to meet their delivery timings.

Screengrab from ROADS.sg / Facebook

“Good luck, learn from lesson” while another comment from our top fan pointed out how cyclists often fail to take precautions which endangers other road users around them. 

Screengrab from ROADS.sg / Facebook

Screengrab from ROADS.sg / Facebook

It also seems like a common sight of riders attempting to cut across roads dangerously when the lights are not in their favour, with one comment pointing out he would  “horn a few times to alert people”.

Screengrab from ROADS.sg / Facebook

Powered Assisted Bicycles (PAB) riders to obey all traffic guidelines 

While PAB riders are now mandated to take a theory test, there isn’t a demerit system in place like other motorists on the road. 

However,  the Land Transport Authority (LTA) has some guidelines in place for PAB riders to follow while riding on the road. Here are just a few of it worth noting down. 

  1. Always ride as close as practicable to the left-hand edge of roads, and allow traffic to overtake you safely. Keep a straight course, do not weave through traffic and avoid sudden swerves.
  2. Obey all traffic signals and travel in the same direction as the flow of traffic.
  3. Always use bicycle lanes when available.
  4. Keep a safe distance behind moving vehicles and maintain awareness of traffic when riding.
  5. Do not squeeze between the kerb and a bus that has stopped at a bus stop, or between a turning vehicle and the kerb.
  6. Slow down and look out for other road users when approaching bends, junctions, bus stops and pedestrian crossings or when passing a parked car.
  7.  If a hill is too steep, get off and walk your device. Control your speed when riding downhill.

 You can find the full list of guidelines here.

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