Living His Childhood Dream, Justin Sng Spends 24 Hours in His Polestar 2, and It Taught Him a Lesson

Whether it’s a cherished childhood dream or a lingering experience in the back of our minds, we all have that one thing we’ve always wanted to try but consistently shelved for a vague “some other time.”

For 26-year-old Singaporean YouTuber Mr. Justin Sng, it was to experience what it’s like to stay in his car for 24 hours.

Before the Challenge Begins

During our interview with Mr. Sng, he candidly shared how his challenge took some time to prepare, especially since no one had documented such an experience on the internet in Singapore.

It took him almost a couple of days to plan out the places he would be stopping over, as well as the food he would have throughout the 24 hours.

His challenge included not coming out of the car, other than the 3 “toilet cards” he could use.

Starting of the 24 hour challenge / Justin Sng’s Youtube 

Finding a Suitable Place to Sleepover

Given Singapore’s status as a city-state, the luxury of parking by the roadside or in the countryside for an overnight stay is non-existent.

This presented a challenge for Sng in finding a suitable spot. While he initially settled on a car park in East Coast Park, it became less than ideal as dawn broke, with families setting up chairs and tents.

However, after a swift internet search, Sng discovered a more suitable car park near Waterway Point for his overnight stay.

Settling the night at a carpark near Waterway park  / Justin Sng’s Youtube 

EVs Are Perfect for Such a Challenge

Having owned both an Electric Vehicle (EV) and an Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicle, Sng quickly noted that such an experience would be nearly impossible in Singapore with an ICE vehicle unless one is comfortable enduring the night without air conditioning.

This is due to the Environmental Protection and Management (Vehicular Emissions) Regulations, which deem it an offence for a motor vehicle driver to leave the engine idling while stationary, except for traffic conditions.

Charge on Sng’s Polestar 2 on day 1 / Justin Sng’s Youtube 

Tips for Aspiring Campers Out There

When queried about his takeaways and advice for aspiring campers, Sng recommended thorough trip planning akin to organising a vacation. 

This involves creating a packing list and physically arranging items in the car to ensure a proper fit.

Additionally, he stressed the importance of setting up the car for the night before reaching the planned destination to avoid last-minute detours for missing essentials.

Empathising with Drivers on the Road

After a short chat with Sng, we realised what began as a lighthearted pursuit of childhood whimsy turned out to be a lesson in empathy towards drivers spending extended hours on the roads.

Reflecting on his 24-hour challenge, Sng acknowledged the discomfort of prolonged periods in a car, even with blankets and a cosy corner that he spend over the 24 hours period.

This newfound understanding extended to private hire vehicle drivers who endure similar discomfort due to extended periods in a sitting position.

Being Gracious on the Roads

As our discussion went on, we took the chance to ask Sng on his viral TikTok video that was posted a few months ago, titled “best feature for those who love to tailgate”. 

Sng humorously clarified it was meant as a joke on road rage. 

He highlighted the challenges of driving on Singapore’s roads, particularly during rush hours.

“A simple gesture of raising your hand goes a long way,” remarked Sng, recalling an incident of lane cutting. 

Indeed, being gracious on the road goes a long way! 

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Photos from Justin Sng / YouTube 

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