Kind bus captain gives crying boy chocolates, Mother very grateful

Shared by: Aleesa Saaib
“As usual, I will pick my children up from school at around 5pm and we would then board the bus service 98 around 5.15-5.20pm to go home. At this hour, my son has shown distress and he needed to feed on bm, he cried throughout the journey and broke free from my arms many times and threw his body towards the chair. I’m helpless. I carried him to the window, showed him moving vehicles, and occasionally there’s trucks passed through (he kept quiet for awhile), but cried again when the bus moved and the trucks was out of his sight. I almost cried too, because I could not help him and have no idea how to calm him down.
The bus stopped at a junction, bus driver came out from his driver’s seat, at this time, I really thought he was gonna scold me for not being able to take care of him and make him quiet. But I was wrong. He walked towards me with 2 pieces of chocolates and gave it to Adrianna and Haider. I was too stunned to speak, almost cried again because there’s still kind soul around me. Haider stopped crying immediately and from his rear mirror, I thanked him and raised up my hands to show my appreciation. This bus driver of bus service 98, with plate number SBS 3414X deserves a shoutout and commendable service award for his kindness and thoughts for his passengers.
I knew it was totally wrong to eat in the bus, but for this 1 time just to make my son quiet, please excuse us.
Thank you bus driver! 🙏
Updates: Sent my good feedbacks to both LTA and Tower Transit to their online platforms. I hope that this bus captain will be praise for his good work. I didn’t took his name. So I only gauged the time and the route we were at.”

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