Heading Into Malaysia ? Don’t Forget About the ¾ Rule !

With petrol prices soaring and the school holiday season upon us, many drivers might be planning to drive into Malaysia during this holiday season.

However, please do not forget about the three-quarter tank rule if you happen to be driving into Malaysia!

Singaporean Driver Dragged Officer for Several Meters

In a shocking incident at the Woodlands Checkpoint, a Singaporean driver faced charges after dragging an Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) officer for several metres.

The reckless act occurred when the officer discovered that the driver’s car did not meet the mandatory three-quarter tank rule for fuel before leaving Singapore.

The Incident Unfolded

So, it’s December 12, around 3:40 pm – usual checkpoint chaos, right?

A 38 year old driver, Steve Ling Wei Liang, gets flagged for a fuel check, and surprise, surprise – his tank is running on empty, well, not literally, but it’s below the magic three-quarters mark that’s apparently crucial for crossing borders.

Refusal to Cooperate

The ICA officer, doing his duty, asks Steve to hand over the passport, park the car, and follow him.

Simple, right? Not for Steve! Instead of playing by the rules, he hits the gas, dragging the officer for a joyride that nobody signed up for.

Legal Rollercoaster

Fast forward to the aftermath – charges slapped on Steve for a “rash act.”

Court date set for January 25. If convicted, he might be singing the jailhouse blues and forking out a fine of up to S$5,000 (US$3,700). That’s one pricey fuel tank oversight!

The Three-Quarter Tank Tango

Now, let’s talk about the rules. Singapore cars bound for Malaysia need to have at least three-quarters of fuel in the tank.

Break this rule, and you could be looking at a cool S$500 fine or a date with the court.

Worse, you’ll be U-turning at the checkpoint, bidding farewell to your Malaysian plans.

Safety First, Fun Later

The moral of the story? Safety first, fun later!

The Singapore Police Force and ICA want everyone to play nice at the checkpoints. It’s not just about your journey; it’s about the safety of officers too.


As we share this crazy checkpoint tale, let’s all take a moment to appreciate the importance of following the rules – especially the three-quarter tank rule.

It’s not just red tape; it’s about keeping our roads safe, officers unharmed, and adventures drama-free.

Drive safe, keep the tank happy, and let’s make sure our border-crossing stories are more ‘smooth ride’ than ‘rollercoaster of chaos.’ Stay fuelled, stay safe!

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