“F*** you lah”; Cyclist unhappy with driver that was exiting car park

Last week, we received a video submission from a netizen, featuring a heated argument between a driver and a cyclist.

The incident occurred the previous week, on July 24th, approximately at 3:50 pm.

The footage was captured by the front and rear cameras of a car, with additional audio recording of some commotion audible in the background.

Screenshot from ROADS.sg Facebook Page 

Driver was exiting a carpark into the mainroad but cyclist was blocked by car 

Based on the details that were submitted to us, the cam car driver was exiting the car park when he stopped to check for oncoming traffic as he attempted to exit into the main road. 

However, this is when he heard a few knocks coming from the rear of his car. 

The knocks turned out to be coming from a cyclist that was seen with a helmet, knocking on the cam car’s rear before showing some gesture which implied for the driver to move forward. 

It seemed like the cam car was blocking the way of the cyclist to pass through. It is also worth noting that the cyclist was pushing his bicycle instead of riding on it.

Screenshot from ROADS.sg Facebook Page 

“Eh your license fake one or what ?”

This was then followed by the exchange of words between both the driver and the cyclist.

Driver: “Eh!”

Cyclist: “… you block the way way leh hello”

Driver: “What block the way?”, “Got car come I can go ah?”

It appeared that the driver was unable to advance or exit the parking lot due to the stream of oncoming traffic.

However, the dispute escalated further when the cyclist taunted, “Eh your license fake one or what ?”

Slightly agitated, the driver retorted, “Why you like this ah? Talking”

As the scene continued to unfold, it became clear that the cyclist expected the driver to proceed forward to prevent impending other road users crossing at the exit.

“ **** you lah” 

On the other hand, we must acknowledge that the field of view from a driver’s seat can be vastly different from that of a pedestrian.

This discrepancy in perspective might explain why the cyclist believed the driver could have advanced slightly further to prevent obstructing his path.

Misunderstandings on the road are commonplace, particularly in situations like the one depicted in this video.

However, the conflict intensified considerably when the cyclist began hurling profanities at the driver.

Cyclist should have given way in cases like this 

We did a quick search online and found that the Singapore Statutes Online states that

“When at the informal crossing, or the entrance or exit to a car park, every cyclist, mobility vehicle user and PMD rider must give way to any motor vehicle or stream of vehicles immediately approaching him (whether from his right or offside or left or near side) or leaving or entering the car park.” 

Screenshot from Singapore Statutes Online, 2019 

What netizens think 

We’ve shared the received footage on our Facebook Page, and you can find it embedded at the conclusion of this article.

At the time of writing, it has drawn over 90,000 views and spurred 400 comments. But what are the opinions of the online community regarding this matter?

Most comments raised questions about the cyclist’s arguments. One top fan user notably asked,  “no car license teach car how to drive?” 

While another replied “no car teach car driver how to drive” 

Screenshot from ROADS.sg Facebook Page 

Screenshot from ROADS.sg Facebook Page 

There were also remarks criticizing the cyclist’s choice of words, particularly given the situation where he did not have the right of way.

Respecting all road users 

We all comprehend how such incidents can disrupt our day when we are the ones involved.

Our hope is that this incident serves as a reminder for all of us to maintain our composure and politeness as we share the road with various users.

Regardless of who has the right of way, let’s strive to be more gracious and understanding towards each other in situations like these.

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