Cyclist Runs 3 Red Lights and Fell


We are all aware of how serious beating a red light offence is in Singapore.

A quick visit to the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) website reveals that a road user can face the consequences of accumulating 12 demerit points and a fine of up to S$500 for offences like beating a red light.

Source: MHA Website

That is unquestionably a serious offence! But what are the repercussions when a cyclist beats the red light?

While certain traffic regulations have been established for cyclists, such as imposing fines of up to S$150 for those caught flouting traffic rules, the consequences for dangerous behaviours like the one depicted in the video may not be substantial enough to deter them, posing a significant risk.

Cyclist fell at the third red light 

In the 40-second video submitted by one of our netizens, a cyclist can be seen narrowly beating 2 red lights before falling when attempting to beat the third one.

As anticipated in videos like this, many netizens do not empathise with the cyclist’s fall. Instead, they commented on how incidents like this serve as reminders for cyclists to obey traffic rules and cycle safely.

One of the top comments, which garnered nearly 100 likes at the time of writing, suggested that unregulated cyclists should be prohibited from using the roads to enhance road efficiency.

However, another comment countered by highlighting that it will take time for dedicated lanes for bicycles to be fully integrated into our road infrastructure.

Seen cycling dangerously 

Prior to the fall of the cyclist that was recorded in the video, the cyclist was seen cycling dangerously. 

This includes narrowingly beating two red lights and cycling in road tunnels which was pointed out by one of our netizens to be prohibited. 



Source: LTA Website

Thanks to our fellow netizens and  upon a quick search on the internet, we found out that the fort canning tunnel is indeed prohibited for cyclists. 

Road Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility 

While many viewers appear to enjoy watching the video, it also serves as a reminder for us to take responsibility for our own safety on the road.

It is crucial for road users to understand the traffic rules and regulations in order to ensure the safety of ourselves and those around us.

We hope that videos and articles like this can help raise awareness about road safety among a larger number of road users.

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