Comprehensive Guide: Traffic Offences in Singapore with Demerit Points & Composition Fines

The Driver Improvement Points System (DIPS), implemented by the Traffic Police in 1983, serves as a pivotal mechanism in regulating road safety in Singapore. 

Motorists are subject to demerit points and composition fines for various traffic offences, with the objective of promoting responsible driving behaviour and enhancing road safety.

Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of traffic offences, demerit points, and composition fines in Singapore

Overview of DIPS
Motorists begin with 0 demerit points and can accumulate up to 24 points within 24 months before facing suspension.

Subsequent suspensions occur for accumulating 12 or more demerit points within 12 consecutive months, with increasing suspension durations for repeat offenders.

For New or Probationary Drivers

Accumulating 13 or more demerit points during the probation period (12 months) leads to licence revocation, requiring re-taking of all driving tests after a year.

Traffic Offences Outside Silver Zones and School Zones

Offences like stopping in yellow boxes or making unauthorised U-turns incur composition fines without demerit points.

Offences such as exceeding speed limits or careless driving accrue demerit points ranging from 4 to 12.

Traffic Offences Within Silver Zones and School Zones:

Enhanced demerit points and fines aim to safeguard elderly and student pedestrians.

Offences like disobeying traffic directions or speeding in these zones incur higher demerit points and fines compared to regular zones.

Important Points to Note

Demerit points are not permanent and are waived if no further offences are committed within 12 months.

Suspensions are cleared from a driver’s record if no offences are committed for two years post-suspension.

Drivers face licence revocation if suspended for 12 months or longer, necessitating re-taking of driving tests.

Drivers with a clean record for three consecutive years enjoy an additional 5% discount on car insurance renewals at selected insurers, provided no claims have been made during this period.

Key Takeaways

The Driver Improvement Points System serves as a crucial framework for promoting road safety and responsible driving behaviour in Singapore. 

By understanding the demerit points, fines, and consequences associated with traffic offences, motorists can contribute to safer roads for all users. Stay informed, drive responsibly, and prioritise safety on Singapore’s roads.

By adhering to regulations and exercising caution, motorists can contribute to safer roads and uphold the principles of responsible driving in Singapore.

Traffic Offence Demerit Points Composition Fine
Light Vehicle


Vehicles classified as Class 2B/2A/2, 3C/3/3CA/3A


(Examples: motor cars, motorcycles, light goods van, etc.)

Heavy Vehicle


Vehicles classified as Class 4/4A, 5


(Examples: tractors, buses, trailers, etc.)

  • Stopping in a yellow box
  • Insufficient warning signals
  • Making an unauthorised U-turn
  • Vehicles with a 60km/hr vehicular
    speed limit
    failing to keep left
$100 $150
  • Carrying excess pillion or pillion is
    not sitting astride
  • Rider failing to wear a helmet or wearing
    a helmet insecurely
  • Disobeying traffic direction of a Police officer, employee of Authority, |
    or security officer
    engaged in regulating traffic*
  • Conveying load not properly secured
  • Using tyres with ply or cord
    carcass exposed
  • Driver failing to wear a seatbelt
    or failing to ensure every passenger
    wears a seatbelt
  • Driver failing to ensure that
    a passenger below the height of
    1.35 metres is properly
    secured by an approved child restraint
    or body-restraining seatbelt
  • Parking abreast of another vehicle
  • Parking within a pedestrian crossing
  • Stopping in a zebra crossing area
  • Parking within a Demerit Points
    No Parking Zone
  • Stopping within a Demerit Points
    No Stopping Zone
  • Driver failing to fill up every passenger
    seat in the
    driver’s cabin, or any additional
    cabin or enclosedspace provided for the carriage of
    passengers or goods, before carrying any person on the
    floor of open deck goods vehicle
3 $150 $200
  • Exceeding the vehicular speed limit by 1 to 20 km/hr*
  • Exceeding the road speed limit by
    1 to 20 km/hr*
  • Failing to give way to oncoming traffic
    at controlled junction*
  • Failing to give way at an uncontrolled
    junction, junction, or roundabout*
  • Crossing double white lines or a road
  • Obstructing the flow of traffic
  • Forming up incorrectly when turning
    left or right*
  • Failing to give way to emergency
    vehicles such as ambulances, fire
    brigades or Police vehicles
  • Driving in a dangerous manner while
    carrying load
  • Stopping on the shoulder or verge of
    an expressway
  • Stopping or remaining at rest on the
    carriageway of an expressway
  • Exceeding the vehicular speed limit by 21 to 30 km/hr*
  • Exceeding the road speed limit by
    21 to 30 km/hr*
  • Driving on the shoulder of expressways
  • Failing to securely tie or attach
    goods to a goods vehicle to prevent the
    goods from falling off
  • Offences committed by motorists at a
    pedestrian crossing*
  • Driving or riding against the
    flow of traffic as indicated by
    traffic signs*
  • Carrying passengers on a motor vehicle
    or trailer in a dangerous manner
  • Reversing unnecessarily on expressways
  • Failing to obey the 1.1 metres height
    restriction for persons carried on
    open deck goods vehicle
  • Carrying passengers when the clear
    floor space of the open deck
    goods vehicle is insufficient
  • Careless driving endangering life*
6 $200 $250
  • Exceeding the vehicular speed limit by 31 to 40 km/hr*
  • Exceeding the road speed limit by 31 to 40 km/hr*
8 $300 $400
  • Carrying passengers on a goods vehicle in a dangerous manner
  • Careless driving causing hurt*
  • Failing to conform to traffic light signals*
12 $400 $500
  • Using mobile communication devices while driving*
  • Exceeding the vehicular speed limit by 41 to 50 km/hr*
  • Exceeding the road speed limit by 41 to 50 km/hr*
12 Prosecution in court
  • Exceeding the vehicular speed limit by 51 to 60 km/hr*
  • Exceeding the road speed limit by 51 to 60 km/hr*
  • Exceeding the vehicular speed limit by more than 60 km/hr
  • Exceeding the road speed limit by more than 60 km/hr
  • Reckless or dangerous driving



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