Carousell: The Evolving Marketplace For Autos

In the era of one-click purchases, next-day deliveries, and free shipping, it’s hard to be impressed when a new product or feature hits the market these days.

Carousell initially started as a classifieds marketplace that allowed users to list their items for sale, with the press of a few buttons and quickly grew to over 200 million listings. Since its inception in 2012, Carousell has constantly been raising the bar, and is the leading classifieds group in Southeast Asia, with an aim to enable people to buy and sell second hand as a first choice, rather than an afterthought.

With over tens of millions of monthly active users, Carousell has constantly been raising the bar throughout the last decade with their impressive features. This time they’re doing it again, with their latest launch: Carousell Auto Group.

In April of last year, Carousell launched Carousell Auto Group, making it one of Singapore’s largest autos marketplaces. Now that Carousell is taking the autos world by storm, the company is looking to evolve into a one-stop shop for consumers’ every need, eventually covering workshops, accessories, and all services.


Get The Highest Price For Your Car Online

If you’re not on Carousell Autos, you’re missing out. With over 50% of Singapore’s vehicle owners engaging and using the platform on a monthly basis, Carousell is quickly changing the landscape for buying and selling autos online.

Alongside the launch of Carousell Autos also comes OneShift by Carousell, which uses a bidding system to garner the highest bid on used cars listings in 24 hours by over 500 trusted dealers.  When selling your car on Carousell, sellers are also offered consumer protection, where Carousell only works with partners approved by LTA.

If you require an even quicker turnaround time for your quote than 24 hours, all you have to do is just let Carousell know. In fact, they have even successfully completed a valuation in 2 hours, once the seller provided all the car details!

With over 582,500 bids received and 43,500 cars sold through the platform, sellers can sleep easy knowing they are getting the highest price for their car when they use Carousell.

Sell Your Car For The Price You Want In Four Easy Steps: 

  1. Submit your details to Carousell so that they can retrieve your car details
  2. Your car will undergo a 24 hour bidding
  3. Carousell will arrange for a viewing and inspection with the dealer who gives you the best quote
  4. Transact when you’re ready

The best part is: there’s no pressure to sell your car! Throughout the process, you are under no obligation to complete a transaction or to sell your car to whichever dealer makes a bid.

At the end of the day, you’ll have the flexibility to transact only when you’re satisfied with the price and the dealer. Once you’ve confirmed it, you’ll be paid immediately.

Do note that quotes given by dealers are valid for 7 days, and beyond that the quote price may potentially be subject to depreciation. In general, transactions take up to 2 weeks to conclude, so it’s best to let the dealer know your handover dates before committing to the sale.


Reducing The Hassle For Buyers 

Buying a car is unavoidable for some, when lifestyle considerations come into play. Oftentimes when looking for a used car, the search can be stressful. Filled with uncertainties about going secondhand, many potential buyers may be missing out on the opportunity to benefit from huge savings.

Currently, Carousell hosts over 500,000 live listings in its autos categories, amassing the largest number of direct owner listings in Singapore. With the largest number of direct owner listings in Singapore, the options for buying a used car are expansive and one might even be spoilt for choice.

To find out more or to sell your used car, do so in a matter of minutes at

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