BWSS Speaks Out

In a private interview with, Chairman of BWSS (Big Wheel Scooters Singapore) Denis Koh has made clear his thoughts on the recent banning of e-scooters from pedestrian footpaths.


We are disappointed with the sudden decisions. The “black sheep” have won. Errant riding behaviour is solely to blame. Ultimately, the govt has a greater responsibility to Pedestrians safety on the footpaths and hope that the people greatly affected, such as those using the devices for their livelihoods, can be assisted ASAP. 

Thankfully, this is not a full ban. 

BWSS may not agree but respect the decisions. We will continue to engage the authorities to speed up building dedicated infrastructure facilitating seamless connectivity, promoting riding safety in our field of expertise and future-ready whatever mobility devices that comes to our shores.   

This is not the end of active mobility or achieving a car-lite nation. We remain optimistic that PMDs are indeed the future and will remain relevant.

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Denis Koh
BWSS Chairman

Koh’s point of view regarding the existence of “black sheep” amongst PMD riders is clearly reflected by multiple netizens, including Panner Selvam in his comment below: 

PMD ban

However, Koh’s optimism about PMDs paving the way for active mobility and a car-lite nation is echoed by Beam Mobility’s VP of Corporate Affairs, Christopher Hilton. Hilton’s full interview can be found in the video below which we shared on yesterday.

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