An Accident Along ECP Brought Witnesses Forward as They Performed CPR Before the Ambulance Came

Singapore, 10th November 2023 – In a tragic incident on Wednesday, 8th November, at approximately 11 am, a fatal accident occurred along ECP towards Marina Coastal Expressway. A 27-year-old motorcyclist lost his life in the collision involving a minibus, a lorry, and his motorcycle. A 38-year-old male passenger of the minibus was arrested and is assisting the police with investigations.

Witnesses Spring into Action

While the news only surfaced later through mainstream media, three remarkable individuals, Mr Ashley Liew, his wife Sandra Faustina, and Ms Lynn Long-Yam, immediately rushed to aid the injured motorcyclist when they encountered the scene along ECP towards Marina Coastal Expressway.

In an exclusive call with, Mr Liew, a chiropractor by profession, and his wife Sandra Faustina shared their eyewitness accounts.

They were initially caught in the traffic before realising that it was not a typical car accident but one that involved a bleeding casualty.

Sandra recounted, “We saw a man on the ground, bleeding. It was surprising that no one was helping.”

Without hesitation, they decided to stop their car and lend a hand. This is when they met Ms Long-Yam, who is a nurse with Active Global Respite Care that was already at the scene administering CPR to the casualty. 

During this critical period, Sandra also helped with directing traffic. 

In a heartfelt message to motorists, Mr Liew emphasised, “Every second counts, even if you are not a professional. You can still help in other ways – getting help or simply calling for the ambulance.”

Being the First Responder

Ms Long-Yam, who was the first at the scene, recounted how surprised she was to learn that the motorcyclist was left alone without help despite the accidents happening some time ago.

This was when her instinct as a medical personnel kicked in. Despite being off duty, she dialled for the ambulance and sought permission to flip the bleeding casualty over before performing CPR.

A Delay That Cost a Life

The witnesses, along with other Good Samaritans, performed CPR for a gruelling 10 minutes before the ambulance arrived.

News reports from Channel NewsAsia and The Straits Times revealed that the motorcyclist succumbed to his injuries after being rushed to Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

Investigations are ongoing, and a 38-year-old minibus passenger has been arrested.

Reflecting on the incident, Mr Liew, his wife, Sandra, and Ms Long-Yam highlighted the crucial importance of prompt intervention.

They expressed concerns about the delay, with Mr Liew stating, “Those precious 15, 30 minutes could be better utilised.”

A Call for Collective Responsibility

The team extends heartfelt condolences to the family of the deceased motorcyclist.

This tragic incident underscores the need for collective responsibility on the roads.

Motorists are urged to take the initiative in emergencies, emphasising that every individual, regardless of professional training, can play a vital role in helping those in distress. It can be as simple as just dialling for 995. 


Mr Haneef and Mr Nurhilmi’s brother, Mr Muhammad Affian, are working to raise donations for Mr Nurhilmi’s wife. Ms Noorashikin also thanked a group of five motorists, including Ms Long-Yam and Mr Liew, who assisted her late brother and diverted traffic at the accident scene on Wednesday. 

She said: “If I was in their shoes, I don’t know if I would have stepped up to help a stranger. I am very thankful to the brave souls who helped my brother until the end.”

Those who would like to make a donation to Mr Nurhilmi’s wife can contact Mr Muhammad Affian at 8819-7074.


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