All You Need to Know About the New QR Code Immigration Clearance System

Singapore is set to implement a new QR code immigration clearance system at its Woodlands and Tuas checkpoints starting March 19. 

This initiative promises to revolutionise the travel experience for motorists entering and exiting Singapore, offering faster and more convenient immigration clearance procedures

Understanding the QR Code Immigration Clearance System

Demonstration on the use of QR Code at immigration, CNA

The QR code system allows travellers to clear immigration using QR codes generated via the MyICA mobile application.

It replaces the traditional passport presentation process, offering a more efficient alternative for travellers.

Generating QR Codes

Generating of QR Code through the ICA app, TODAY

Travellers need to download the MyICA app and input their passport details and Singapore residents can conveniently auto-populate their passport details using Singpass or by scanning their passport biodata page. 

Foreign visitors on the other hand can also utilise the app’s camera function to input their passport details.

Additionally, Individual or group QR codes can be generated, accommodating up to 10 travellers in a single vehicle.

Clearance Process

Immigration clearance process made easier, CNA

Travellers simply scan their QR codes at designated counters while Immigration officers conduct face-to-face checks based on the data retrieved from the QR codes.

Group QR codes must match the details and number of travellers in the vehicle to avoid rejection.

Benefits of QR Code Immigration Clearance

  1. Time saving and increased efficiency
    It was reported and estimated time savings of around 20 seconds for cars with four travellers and up to one minute for cars with 10 travellers. 

    In addition, an expected reduction of more than 30% in waiting times if most travellers opt for QR code clearance. 

  2.  Contactless and hygienic
    This new system will offer a safer and more hygienic clearance process since the passing of passports will now not be necessary with this new implemented system 

Future Plans and Expansion

Up to 10 members can be registered with a single QR Code 

The QR code system is the initial step towards the Automated Passenger Clearance System (APCS).

APCS lanes are expected to be introduced at Tuas Checkpoint by 2026 and at Woodlands Checkpoint by 2028, further enhancing the clearance process.

Plans to extend QR code clearance to other vehicular clearance zones at land checkpoints are underway, promising broader benefits for travellers.

Singapore’s Goal to Streamline Immigration Procedures 

The introduction of the QR code immigration clearance system marks a significant milestone in Singapore’s efforts to modernise and streamline its immigration procedures.

With its numerous benefits, including time savings and enhanced efficiency, this innovative system is poised to transform the travel experience for motorists. 

As Singapore continues to embrace technological advancements, travellers can look forward to smoother and more seamless immigration clearance processes in the years to come.

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