Police issue stern warnings to Mr Ramesh & 4 others for harassing him



“Police have issued stern warnings to Mr Ramesh, the man who verbally abused a security guard at his condominium. They also did likewise to four others for harassing Mr Ramesh.

The video of Mr Ramesh Erramalli, 44, a resident of Eight Riversuites Condominium at that time, verbally abusing a security guard at the condominium went viral in October last year.

In a statement on Friday (Jan 17), the police said that investigations against Mr Erramalli have concluded and in consultation with the Attorney-General’s Chambers, a stern warning was issued to him for “intentionally causing harassment” to the security guard.

Police also launched investigations into incidents of threats and harassments targetted at Mr Erramalli after the video went viral.

Two men, aged 41 and 47, were given stern warnings for causing intentional harassment while two other men, aged 19 and 56, were given a 12-month conditional warning for threatening Mr Errammalli and his family with death and violence.” – TodayOnline

ROADS.sg asks of its readers not to participate in such acts of harassment even if they disagree with the conduct that happened.

Source:  TodayOnline


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