You Can Now Deregister Your Pre-Existing VEP If You Have A Pre-Owned Vehicle

The Malaysian government has introduced significant enhancements to the Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) system, particularly benefiting motorists with second-hand vehicles. 

Transport Minister Anthony Loke announced these changes in response to numerous complaints and an overwhelming number of applications received in recent months. 

Surge in VEP Applications

Since the announcement on May 28 that all foreign-registered vehicles entering Malaysia by land from Singapore must use VEPs from October 1, the country has seen a substantial increase in applications. 

Over 23,000 applications were received from May 28 to June 29, far exceeding the 15,424 applications for the entire year of 2023. 

This surge underscores the urgency and importance of streamlining the VEP application and deregistration processes.

Addressing Complaints from Second-Hand Car Owners

One of the main issues highlighted by motorists, particularly those with second-hand vehicles, is the difficulty in renewing existing permits or registering new ones. 

Minister Loke acknowledged that these complaints were the most frequent and has introduced a key improvement: second-hand vehicle owners can now apply to deregister a pre-existing VEP online instead of visiting a physical counter. 

This change aims to simplify the process and alleviate the inconvenience faced by these motorists.

“They only need to email us to make a change. This is to solve the problem faced by second-hand car owners. 

They do not need to come to our counter. They just need to request the deregistration through email. This is to ease the process,” Loke explained.

Enhancements to the VEP Portal

To further streamline the process, new functions have been added to the VEP portal since June 28, reducing the need for email communication or physical visits to counters. 

Additionally, the number of personnel handling email inquiries has increased from five to fifteen, and the staff at the VEP collection centre has been doubled to twelve. 

These measures are intended to handle the influx of applications more efficiently.

Integration with RFID Tags and Payment Options

From August 1, VEP holders can link their credit or debit cards to their radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, which uniquely identify each vehicle. 

This integration allows for a more seamless payment process for tolls and road charges. 

Furthermore, the upcoming introduction of a new open toll payment system (OPS) will provide VEP holders with additional payment options beyond the current Touch N Go system.

Clearing the Backlog

Minister Loke emphasised the importance of addressing the backlog of applications before the October 1 deadline. 

He reassured motorists that efforts are being made to process all applications promptly, with additional resources allocated to expedite the process. The normal duration for receiving a tag after online registration is three to five days.

“We are trying our best to solve the backlog,” Loke stated. 

“We have asked the company involved to add more resources and to ensure that all applications will be processed within the next few weeks … We have to make sure that before Oct 1, all this backlog must be cleared.”

Future Improvements and Enforcement

Looking ahead, Malaysia plans to introduce more improvements to the VEP system. 

The implementation of the MDGS application, available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, will enable travellers to link their RFID tags to payment cards, streamlining toll and road charge payments between Singapore and Malaysia.

Since its implementation in 2019, the VEP has not been enforced. 

However, starting October 1, foreign vehicles without a VEP entering Malaysia will face strict penalties. 

Offenders can be fined up to RM2,000 (US$425) or jailed for up to six months. 

This enforcement aims to ensure that all foreign vehicles comply with the regulations and that motorists settle any outstanding summonses before leaving Malaysia.

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