Wet roads and abrupt lane change caused this accident


Silver Toyota Altis lost control when trying to do a last minute lane change and hitting the side railings and running over it into the ditch.

Drivers must know their car and their own driving limits. They must bear in mind that tyres, speed, road conditions, traffic conditions and driver’s skill all play an important part in keeping the car in control for that safe drive. A car that can drive safely at 90-100 kph on a dry road will not necessarily perform safely on a wet road. Moreover, it is proven that the first starting 15 minutes of a rain is the most slippery because oil drips from cars will be floating on the top of the rain water on the surface of the roads. Be informed, be knowledgeable and be safe.

Wishing the driver and occupants a speedy and full recovery.

Happened along PIE / BKE on 21/1/2020 about 2.35 pm

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