Van driver admits to causing two friends’ deaths after speeding along Bt Timah Rd

Joseph Low was going to stay home for the night but his friend wanted to celebrate his birthday, so they went drinking.

The trio then went to a pub in Jalan Besar where they ordered three jugs of beer. Low admitted to drinking some of the alcoholic beverage.

Hours later, two of his friends were dead and Low himself was hospitalised after he crashed his van into a tree along Bukit Timah Road.

Eyewitnesses spotted Low’s van speeding along Bukit Timah Road and a video was also posted on SG Road Vigilante Facebook site.

At around 3am, the speeding van crashed into a tree killing both his friends instantly.

The Health Sciences Authority estimated that before the accident, Low had been driving at speeds of up to 122kmh – double the speed limit on the road.

For causing the men’s deaths by rash driving, Low can be jailed for up to five years and fined.

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