Unsecured metal rod flew off truck and hit motorcyclist requiring 12 stitches

Ismawati was riding her motorcycle and was heading to Choa Chu Kang on Jan. 9, 2020 at around 6:45pm. At the exit at Toh Guan Rd along the PIE  an open-top truck ferrying metal waste recyclables was in front of her.  Suddenly, an object unexpectedly flew off from the truck and flew towards her.

She was unable to avoid it. The metal rod  hit her on her left shoulder. She felt an immediate pain but managed to ride safely to the road shoulder.

Sustained large gash on shoulder

Instead, she continued her way to her destination before heading home, parking her motorcycle, and proceeding to the nearby Accident & Emergency Department for treatment.

Ismawati stated that she did not manage to identify the truck’s number plate as the car behind the truck obscured it.

At the hospital she received about 12 stitches in total, underneath and on the surface and given more than 3 days MC. A police report has been lodged and TP is investigating the case.

Credit: Ismawati Ali

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