Transcab sudden lane change forces cam car to swerve hard

Transcab SHC5215D suddenly cuts across lane in expressway to exit.

“While nearing Exit 7B jalan Bahagia, TransCab taxi SHC5215D abruptly and dangerously cut across lanes without due care from lane 3 into my lane just so he could exit from the expressway into Exit 7B. In doing so, he nearly missed running down the motorcyclist in front of my car and almost rammed onto my car on the right side had I not been alert and swiftly steered my car to the left to avoid a collision. It forced my car to go over the chevron and nearly hitting the exit kerb. Luckily, this was at Exit 7B which gave me some space to maneuver left safely and fortunately, there was no road user on my left at that time. The cab driver proceeded to follow behind my car into Exit 7B shortly. The cabby just drove off quickly without due care or to check if myself and my passengers are ok. Trans-Cab please discipline your driver as he is a danger to road users with his indifferent and reckless attitude.”

Happened along CTE at Exit 7B on 06/06/2021 at 1455 hours.


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