The Kindness of a Bus captain

The kindness of a Bus captain

Commuter “J” was riding SMRT bus service 913 on August 2, 2022, around 11.30 p.m., when he witnessed an act of kindness from the bus captain.

The bus captain patiently assisted a commuter who was having difficulty boarding the bus.

Commuter J asked for a picture with the bus captain and his name.

Azizi, the bus captain, is a “Transport Gold” recipient.

Transport Gold Award.

The Transport Gold Award recognises courteous staff in the public transportation sector and serves as a platform for the entire transportation service to launch an industry-wide courtesy programme.

Another incident occurred on August 4, 2022, at approximately 11.41 pm, when commuter J observed Bus Captain Azizi assisting a commuter who had lost a mobile phone and was unable to speak or hear.

Azizi initiated communication by typing on his phone.

Before arriving at Woodlands Interchange, the bus captain sought assistance from the Operations control centre as well as Woodlands Interchange staff.

His kindness was greatly appreciated, and commuter J hopes that SMRT will recognise bus captain Azizi for his efforts.

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