The 3-second driving rule shown in this video could save your life

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Have you gave it much thought on how close or further the distance you should keep from the vehicle in front.

The 3 seconds rule has been around for a long time but many drivers still do not practice it.

We all need around 1.5 seconds to notice a potential risk ahead and another 1.5 seconds to react and step on the brakes. What that means is that you need to keep at least 3 seconds of safe distance and you can do a countdown with a marker such as a tree or a lamppost.

Drivers should also increase the time by a second during bad weather conditions or by two if driving an SUV because of its weight. Truck or commercial drivers should have at least 6 seconds of driving distance.

Motorcyclist should also be giving an extra second to 4 seconds of riding distance as bikes has less traction on the road and needs a longer stopping distance.

Know someone who drives, start sharing this video with them because it could save their life.

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