SMRT bus uprooting a bollard

Looking at the bollard construction, do you think it is a safety barrier or a false sense of security put there for show? We must always question the construction of  such safety barriers  as lives are at stake everyday.

Protective or crash resistant bollard

Bollards at bus stops are used protect public from cars accidentally mounting into bus stops.

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They usually consist of a simple strong upright post either anchored securely to concrete or  buried into the ground in the ratio of 2/3 exposed and 1/3 into the ground, in this case we see neither. If you look at the damage to the front of the bus, you will realise it is a small and light impact. Therefore, do you think the bollard can serve its purpose if there is a runaway car in an accident?

Source: Singapore Bus Drivers Community 新加坡巴士司机

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