SKV8144U white honda road hogger jam brakes

Location: KPE
Date/Time: 2019-09-08 / 09:35 am
Submitted by: alexdork

I would like to report an incident happened today on the KPE tunnel towards MCE the above said car is traveling and driving on the 1st lane road hogging at time road hogging for some time i realise he was driving even slower than the 2nd lane causing the blue bmw to overtake him on the left . then he still continue to road hog and jam brakes for no reason when his front is clear. causing me obsctruction I have no choice but to overtake him from the left . as seen on the video clip provided this driver is a serious dangerous driver without any road manners or courtesy . and poses a serious threat to other users on the roads. thank you for your attention. please look into the video using a driving DV recorder provided at the time and take the appropriate action against this dangerous and inconsiderate driver.I am also willing to testify in the courts of law against this driver.

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