SGA700A Reckless White Porsche

Location: Ulu Pandan Road
Date/Time: 2019-09-07 / 06:05 pm
Submitted by: Dutella

I came out of my house in Pandan Valley at about 6:05pm on 7th September 2019 (Please ignore the time and date stamp on the video as I just got the blackbox and have yet to change the date) and stopped at the traffic light of Pandan Valley, and Ulu Pandan. When the light turned green, I made a U Turn going into the access lane to go towards Holland Road. At this time, a white Porsche (SGA700A) recklessly cuts into the access lane in front of me cutting across the double white line to come into the access line, almost hitting my car (00:00:56), only to accelerate and recklessly cut back onto the main road to cut in front of the black SUV (SCV284E??) again crossing the double white line almost hitting the black car (00:01:00). The Porsche then went on to make right turn into Pandan Valley condo and turned into oncoming traffic cutting very recklessly and closely in front of a white car coming from the opposite direction (00:01:18). I see easily 3 grave traffic violations that could have endangered the lives of many people.

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