Rude cyclist

” This happened 2 days ago. I thought long and hard as to whether I should share it.

Yes, I was angry that the Caucasian in the video was so self-entitled and that he felt he could bully me with his arrogant and insulting behaviour, instead of apologising for his recklessness.

I do not know if it is just because I was a female driver or whether I’m Asian, or a combination of both, which therefore gave him to right to be obnoxious and insulting.

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But this video is also to highlight to other fellow Drivers that even though we may have the right of way, and we may be a defensive driver, but we have no control over the reckless behaviour of other road users that believe that they are above our laws and do not follow our road rules.

This cyclist
1) cycled on the pedestrian pavement, rather than on the road in the same direction as road vehicles.
2) he was riding against traffic
3) he rode across a pedestrian crossing at high speed without slowing down at a junction to check for vehicles turning from the main road into the side road
4) he rode across the pedestrian crossing without dismounting to push his bike across the junction. (If you are on a bike, you are not considered a pedestrian!)
5)the red man was showing at the pedestrian crossing as the traffic lights were in my favour
6) he chose to stop across pedestrian crossing, causing me to block any oncoming traffic from the opposite direction instead of completing his ride to safety.

The arrogant assumption that I have to stop for him even though he zoomed out from a direction behind me was dangerous. If I didn’t react fast enough, he could have been seriously injured.”

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