NTUC Income insurance Promo Code specially for ROADS.SG fans!

We all know that car insurance is mandatory for all car owners in Singapore, and here are some of the factors that people look for when looking for an insurance company to get their premium from.

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1) Does the company that you are getting the insurance from meet your needs?

Ever encountered a car accident and not knowing what to do with the aftermath or unsure of who to seek help from? Fret not! Income’s Orange Force got you covered. The Orange Force riders render help to policyholders from anywhere in Singapore. They aim to assist policyholders who are often in a state of stress and anxiety after an accident, to help them to get back on the road in no time.

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2) Do they provide the best deal for the premium that I’m getting? Which company provide the best deal for the premium that you are getting?

In collaboration with Income, our ROADSsg fans can enjoy up to $380 CapitaVouchers1 when you insure your car with Income. This promotion2 is applicable for: 

  • New sign up;
  • Car is registered from the year 2016-2021;
  • Key in promo code <RDSINC> before check out

To redeem the promotion, all you have to do is to click on this link for ROADSSG fans and use the promocode <RDSINC>!

NTUC Income Car Insurance

3) Does their coverage ensure that I don’t have to worry about my financial if I get into an accident?

We all agree that we may get into an accident that we did not cause and you have to pay for the damages or medical expenses. Most of the time, these bills are expensive and drivers worry about their finance. But fear not! When you sign up with Income’s Car Insurance, you can be assured to receive up to $50,000 personal accident coverage3 and $1,000 medical expenses benefit3. 

So, what are you waiting for? Insure your car and receive up to $380 CapitaVouchers.  Go to this link and key in the promo code <RDSINC> before you check out!

Promotion ends on 14 August 2021,  so don’t miss out!

T&Cs apply.


Important Notes:
1. The CapitaVouchers is only available for successful eligible applicants who have purchased Drivo Classic or Drivo Premium plans and each policyholder will be entitled denomination of CapitaVouchers stated in the terms and conditions. Subject to Income’s underwriting decision.

2. The following policyholders are not eligible for this promotion:

  • The policyholder who chooses not to renew any lapsed Income Drivo Car Insurance policy which is entitled for renewal in order to purchase a new Income Drivo Classic plan or Drivo Premium plan during the Promotion Period;
  • The policyholder who cancels any existing Income Drivo Car Insurance policy in order to purchase a new Income Drivo Classic plan or Drivo Premium plan during the Promotion Period; and
  • Customer who currently owns an Electric Vehicle and purchases a new Qualifying Policy during the Promotion Period.
  • Customer whose a private hire and purchases a new Income Drivo Car Classic plan or Drivo Premium plan during the Promotion Period.

3. Policy T&Cs apply.

4. Please refer to the promotional page for full T&Cs here.

5. This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotions, unless otherwise stated by Income.

6. Income reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this promotion without any prior notice.

This is for general information only.

You can find the usual terms and conditions of Drivo™ Classic and Drivo™ Premium plans here, Drivo™ Prestige plan at here and Motor Insurance Extensions (Rider) at here.

Protected up to specified limits by SDIC. 

Information is correct as of 5 July 2021.

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