PMD rider and driver altercation

Source: SG Road Vigilante

Camcar driver BMW SLG391S encountered a PMD rider, riding on the road on Enggor Street and…

“I saw a PMD came out from Skysuites/Altez area and riding on the road. I continue to pay attention to the PMD and filtered into right hand lane as I need to turn right into the Tanjong Pagar carpark.

Suddenly, I heard a loud bang from the back of my car when I approached the junction between Tanjong Pagar Road and Enggor Street. The PMD rider, apparently a Caucasian about 30, punched my car at the back after he had came to a stop, I asked him why he did that for. He said I almost knocked into him and he said he is sick of Singaporean people driving on the road.

I told not to bang the car anymore and I will report to the police, he immediately stop complaining and said he will not do that tomorrow. I also reminded him that this road is for motor vehicle and he is not suppose to ride his PMD on the road. I asked him if he understand, he said he thinks he understand, I wanted to open the door and check on my car he immediately grab my neck and choked me with his right palm.

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I asked what is he doing and demand him to let go, he let me go after the uncles around the loading and unloading bay came helping. He demanded me to stepped out of the car, I told him I do not want to fight him or get into any fight and told him to closed my car door as I need to go. He closed the door and decided to ride his PMD on the foot path instead. I have captured and recorded whole incident in the car dashboard camera.” – Driver BMW SLG391S

This happened on 28/11/19

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